Our Flagpoles

Battrick's are experts in both design and installation of tailored systems.

    As a statement for your home in the grounds or garden, all of our fibre glass flagpoles are available from 5 to 12 metres in length and are made  from heavy duty fibre glass laminates, specially engineered to give a smooth, hard, glossy finish. These low maintenance flagpoles are finished topped with either a gold or silver rotating finial or a more traditional white button top.

    Our large range of stainless steel or galvanised wall mounted brackets are designed for either vertical mounting or to be angled out from a building. Typically fitted over entrances, on window sills, roof parapets or gable ends these installations provide the visual impact for your office building, church, restaurant, private residence or club.

    We can also supply ceremonial indoor poles

    Fully rigged poles for signal masts and clubs are also available.

    We can guide you on the best type of installation to suit your requirements.