Our Flags

A flag is a symbol. Its colours and design can be a representation of your country, your nationality, your home or your own identify. Flags are also required to be flown at certain times.

At Battrick’s we are able to supply an extensive range of national and bespoke flags in various shapes and sizes. Flags bring instant colour and movement to any area ensuring your brand, club logo or message captures the eye.

Our flags range from Military standard sewn appliqué to full digital prints on knitted polyester.

Guidance on Flag Sizes: The size of a flag is measured by its length (‘fly’), and this is governed in yards. The shorter breadth (‘height’) is known as its hoist. The approximate size of your fly is determined by the height at which the flag is flown.

The simple rule to determine this is 1 yard for every 10 feet of flagstaff. Therefore, a 40 foot flagpole would require a 4 yard flag and so on.

Different rules apply if a fly is flown from a flagstaff on the top of a building. Here size is based on the overall proportion of the flag, in order to ensure that the flag appears aesthetically correct when flying. The general rule is to adopt a scale of 1 square foot of flag per 1 linear foot of height. Remember, these are guidelines only so make sure of the dimensions before your flag is ordered.